Program Feedback

A past participant in the "Speaking from the Heart" workshop had this to say:

“This was an awesome experience. Bhavani created a safe space from the moment we entered the room the first day:  I could hear the love and acceptance in her voice. She lovingly set guidelines for positive talking to each other in the class, enabling us to help each other become more whole. A healing took place—healing and growth. I’m leaving with tools to use to stay present in my body when I do public speaking—practical experiential exercises to tame the fear.  It has changed my life: I have faced my fear and learned I can do what I previously thought I could not do.”
---Sue Carr, Malvern, PA


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  • Jun 23
    Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health,  Stockbridge

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Imagine for a moment that everything you are experiencing is your very, very best friend saying hello… Such a hello is much more than just a passing handshake or kiss on the cheek… The sights and sounds around us when fully acknowledged are quite an invitation indeed.

—Michael Carroll, “Gently Bowing

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