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Offering the flameTwo friends of mine who are Vedic Priests and I are presenting The Yoga of Devotion: Mantra Meditation and Vedic Ceremony, November 13-16. It’s Sunday evening through Wednesday noon the week before Thanksgiving.

I consider mantra to be health food for the brain and much more, and the ritual provided by Vedic ceremony feeds the heart and soul, so join us to nurture yourself in many ways. Don’t worry if you’re new to this yoga of devotion. It’s a practice anyone can do—and benefit from.

The flame represents many parts of the workshop: the steady flame of the yogi’s focus…trataka (gazing) meditation…holding devotional focus during flow of movement... ceremonial offering techniques… the inner light nurtured by Sanskrit mantra practice…and the peaceful illuminated sanctuary within that we align with through daily spiritual practices that resonate inside us.

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